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1: 12 Jun 2024 White stork

Location: Standing tarn near Urswick

Name: Gillian Womersley


2: 11 Jun 2024 Goosander

Location: Keswick river greta low briery

Name: Sonia hall

Pair of goosanders on river greta 10/06/2024 next day only one !!


3: 10 Jun 2024 Crane, flying over Helton near Lowther

Location: Helton

Name: Raymond Clark

Driving up the Lowther valley ,going through Helton  I was suprised to see flying above the road was what I first thought was a Stork,   then Crane. Seemed to be in no hurry,  I  later texted a friend and he said he had one fly over his place recently  at Shap Lodge,  he thought Lowther were doing a re introduction  of them,  so maybe its from Lowther.

4: 7 Jun 2024 Common Crossbill

Location: Foulshaw

Name: David Burns Thexton

10 in pines plus 13 Snow Geese over north including one Blue Snow Goose.

5: 6 Jun 2024 Rosy Starling still here

Location: Gloucester Road, Carlisle

Name: Ann Fyfe

The Rosy Starling returned for breakfast just after 7am


6: 5 Jun 2024 Rosy Starling day 5

Location: Carlisle

Name: Ann Fyfe

I topped up the bird feeders this morning and the Rosy Starling returned to feed again


7: 4 Jun 2024 Rosy Starling

Location: Currock Carlisle

Name: Ann Fyfe

Here again, 4th day in a row


8: 3 Jun 2024 Rosy Starling

Location: Currock, Carlisle

Name: Ann Fyfe

Back again this morning


9: 3 Jun 2024 Cattle Egret

Location: Kirksanton

Name: MIke and Lyn Mills

A single Cattle Egret in a wet roadside meadow (with cattle!) on right of A5093 just after Kirksanton and before Hestham Hall Farm. Dangerous road to stop on!

10: 2 Jun 2024 2nd sighting of Rosy Starling

Location: Currock, Carlisle

Name: Ann Fyfe

The Rosy Starling returned to our yard again today. Photos obtained