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31: 16 Nov 2023 Red-throated Diver – 1 by old metal boat wreck off car park

Location: Foulney

Name: Kurt Gilmour

32: 15 Nov 2023 12 Waxwings

Location: Pategill Estate, Penrith.



33: 15 Nov 2023 Waxwings, Carlisle

Location: Kingstown Ind Estate

Name: Peter Howard

25 on Brunthill Road by entrance to Stobart depot. Feeding on yellow ornamental Rowan berries and doing some fly-catching.

34: 14 Nov 2023 12 Waxwings “flycatching”.

Location: Pategill Estate, Penrith.


35: 14 Nov 2023 Cattle egrets

Location: Storth – junction of Coldwell Lane and Storth Road

Name: Jeffrey Frankland

Seven cattle egrets in field with cattle.

36: 14 Nov 2023 Slavonian Grebe

Location: Walney Island

Name: Colin Raven

Slavonian Grebe on Haws Bed over the tide, also seen Great Northern Diver, Little Gull, Long-tailed Duck and Hooded Crow.

37: 12 Nov 2023 Ring-necked Parakeet

Location: Egremont – Pitt’s Farm allotments

Name: Mark Jacques

38: 12 Nov 2023 Black-throated Diver

Location: Talkin Tarn

Name: David Dixon

The juvenile Black-throated Diver was present until 07:40am. At this time it took flight circled the Tarn six times gaining height before heading off eastwards. I watched it through bins until it bcame an almost indiscernible speck.

39: 12 Nov 2023 Black throated diver and red necked grebe

Location: Talking tarn

Name: Graham Burr

40: 11 Nov 2023 Black-throated Diver and Red-necked Grebe

Location: Talkin Tarn

Name: Pete Howard

Juvenile BT Diver and RN Grebe both still present on Talkin Tarn mid morning. Apparently not bothered by the rowing boats present since 8am.