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Supplying bird records for the Bird Report and Archive

We would like to encourage everyone to submit their Cumbrian bird records as these are vital for conservation.  Please note these and submit them after the year end, ie by the end of January for records from the previous year. 

To report a latest sighting, please use our add a sighting form or email This won’t be an official record, so please note it in BirdTrack or in a spreadsheet as described below.  For immediate chat about sightings, please join the Birding Cumbria Google group or the Cumbria Birding Facebook group.

If possible please use the CBC records spreadsheet to log your sightings – full instructions and examples are on the spreadsheet.  Please save the spreadsheet to your own computer and store results in it until the end of the year.  For any queries on the use of the spreadsheet such as conversion of data you already store electronically please contact the archivist Dave Shackleton at but please note that the spreadsheets themselves should be sent to the appropriate Regional Recorder.

Regional Recorders:

Barrow and South LakelandMike Douglas07967
Carlisle and EdenPete Howard016977
Allerdale and CopelandNick Franklin01228 810413


Some records of rarer species require descriptions for validation.  A Description Form is downloadable here and should be sent, preferably by email, direct to the appropriate Regional Recorder or the County Recorder as soon as possible after the event.

Observers are referred to the Guide for Submitting Bird Records for further details regarding record submission and species requiring descriptions.

County recorder: Chris Hind

CBC Latest Sightings

Please add a sighting or email us on Note: this is not a substitute for reporting the sightings as described above.


The following national reporting schemes are available