Survey Opportunities

CBC Great Crested Grebe Survey 2023

Thank you to everyone who has volunteered for this survey. I’m delighted to say that we have every one of the 115 potential sites covered.

By now, you should have received an email confirming your survey sites and supplying survey methods and record forms.

If you would like further copies, please email me at

Results can be sent in on paper or submitted on-line at the link below. This is the first time we have tried using Google Forms to collect data so please let me know of any problems.

CBC Great Crested Grebe Survey (

Thanks again. Sue King (Survey organiser)

Wetland Bird Survey

The Wetland Bird Survey monitors the status of waterbirds in the UK. It is run by the BTO, RSPB, JNCC and WWT and is administered by the BTO. Waterbodies are counted once monthly on or near an appointed date. In Cumbria we have good coverage of sites with most coastal sections and major inland waters counted. However there are vacancies, some of which are of higher priority than others. These are listed in the links below.

The ability to identify waterfowl and a telescope are all that is needed for the survey. Counting on the coast requires more experience as larger numbers of species, more birds and observations at greater distances are involved.

If you would like to help out, please check the BTO map by clicking on ‘Find a vacant site’.

WeBS counter needed for Lake Windermere

August 2023: There is a vacancy for a WeBS counter to cover Lake Windermere. We appreciate that this is a very large water body for one individual to cover. However, as a high priority site we’d be very interested in hearing from anyone who can cover part of the lake.

Please contact Dave Shackleton for further information.

WeBS counter needed for Border & Calvo Marshes

May 2022: We are looking for a WeBS counter to help out at Border and Calvo Marshes near Abbeytown. These are large marshes with a long walk where a knowledge of the geography of the marshes and the tides is essential to count safely. A few counts can be carried out alongside the existing counter to find the best way to count the section. The area holds good numbers of barnacle geese, wigeon, dunlin, curlew and a host of other waterbirds – a great day’s birding once a month and chance to contribute to an important survey, helping protect the UK’s most important bird sites.

Please contact Dave Blackledge, (coordinator for Inner Solway WeBS counts) for further information.