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11: 8 Apr 2024 Grasshopper Warbler – 1 heard

Location: Foulshaw Moss

Name: Matthew Cookson

12: 8 Apr 2024 Green Woodpecker

Location: University of Cumbria Ambleside

Name: Harry Coghill

Green woodpecker heard yaffling to the east.

13: 8 Apr 2024 Grasshopper Warbler

Location: Foulshaw Moss

Name: Steven Swift

Heard a grasshopper warbler on the path east of the car park near the bench. Recorded sound on Merlín app. Reported it to the warden. He confirmed my sound recording and with real song. No sighting of bird though.

14: 7 Apr 2024 Common scoter

Location: Livingstone Homestead

Name: Andy Lester

Calling flock high over NE late eve

15: 7 Apr 2024 Merlin

Location: North Penines

Name: Andy Lester

Female at close range being mobbed by common buzzard

16: 7 Apr 2024 Fieldfare

Location: Livingstone Homestead

Name: Andy Lester

148 over north early morning, also 6 tree sparrow, 1 swallow and 2 dipper

17: 6 Apr 2024 Swallows

Location: Greenodd

Name: Lee Devereaux

Two swallows heading west over Greenodd

18: 6 Apr 2024 Mediterranean Gulls

Location: Hodbarrow

Name: Andrea Collins

Two adults with the Black-headed Gulls on the main island.


19: 6 Apr 2024 Guillemot

Location: Duddon Estuary, Hodbarrow

Name: Andrea Collins

Guillemot diving frequently just by the lighthouse at Hodbarrow. Common enough at St Bees of course but always interesting to see them elsewhere on the Cumbrian coast.


20: 6 Apr 2024 steady movement despite winds

Location: Longtown Gravel Pits

Name: Andy Lester

20 sand martin N 1 Swallow N 3 willow Warbler 2chiff chaff