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11: 26 Nov 2023 Waxwings, Brampton.

Location: Brampton

Name: David Dixon

Oak Park/Beckside Gardens. 4 birds maybe plus 1 other feeding on berries in jitty oposite number 1. Oak Park, also getting in tops of nearby trees and rooftop tv aerials. From observations yesterday and today I think 4 birds are staying together and 1 bird is doing it’s own thing but occasionally the 5 come together feeding on berries. It  seems likely they have another food source somewhere else nearby. Last seen around 2:30 p.m. at Oak Park.

12: 25 Nov 2023 Waxwing

Location: Brampton

Name: David Dixon

5 Waxwings at least Oak Park/Beckside Gardens, Brampton.  09:15 am

13: 25 Nov 2023 Waxwings

Location: Kirkoswald

Name: Sally Logue

Small flock of 15 perched in birch tree and feeding off small rowan in my garden


14: 24 Nov 2023 Waxwings

Location: Carlisle

Name: Pete Howard

18 Waxwings at West Walls car park, Carlisle this morning. Feeding on Rowan on opposite side of railway line.

15: 23 Nov 2023 Waxwings

Location: Penrith


50+ on Bridge Lane opposite Esso garage.

16: 23 Nov 2023 Waxwing

Location: Wattsfield, Kendal.

Name: Gary Gould

Flock of 20 + flying over Bellingham Road, Wattsfield.

17: 21 Nov 2023 Whooper swans

Location: Milnthorpe Marsh

Name: Jeffrey Frankland

Two whooper swans in flooded field at College Green Farm – there had been six there 17 November. Also large flock of dunlin.

18: 20 Nov 2023 Cattle Egret – 8 in adjacent fields plus 1 Little Egret

Location: Sunnyside Farm, Meathop.

Name: Brian Howson

19: 20 Nov 2023 40 Waxwings at rear overlooking St Catherine’s School playing fields

Location: McAdam Gardens, Penrith

Name: Robert Dawson

20: 20 Nov 2023 Ring-necked Duck – 1 female

Location: Gretna Road gravel pit, Longtown

Name: Robert Pickett