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721: 21 Nov 2022 Waxwing – 8

Location: Helme Chase Gardens, Kendal

Name: Rare Bird Alert

722: 19 Nov 2022 Great White Egret

Location: Lazonby in Eden valley.

Name: Robert Dawson

Alighted in ditch close to river before flying off low into marshy ground by trees at 3.15pm. Clear view, orangish bill seen.

723: 19 Nov 2022 Smew – 1 redhead still

Location: Siddick Ponds

Name: Roy Bottomley

724: 18 Nov 2022 Red Kite – 1

Location: Skirwith

Name: Andrew Holliman via Birding Cumbria Google group

725: 18 Nov 2022 Smew – 1 redhead still

Location: Siddick Ponds

Name: Phil Evans via Birding Cumbria Google Group

726: 17 Nov 2022 Smew – 1 redhead

Location: Siddick Ponds

Name: Birdguides

727: 17 Nov 2022 Red Kite – 2

Location: Sedgwick

Name: Karen Wells via Birding Cumbria Whatsapp

728: 16 Nov 2022 Swift sp – 1

Location: Silloth

Name: Joe Robinson via facebook

729: 15 Nov 2022 Waxwing – 1

Location: Catterlen

Name: Andrew Holliman per birding cumbria whatsapp

730: 13 Nov 2022 Jack Snipe 1 Ruff 1

Location: Campfield Marsh

Name: Adrian Collinge

Single bird bobbing away from first hide on the left.