• Bar-headed geese

    Sighting date: 2023-12-08. Submitted by: David Sherliker. Location: Grange over Sands.  Group of about 20 bar-headed geese on the foreshore just north of Grange railway station close to the promenade.

  • Waxwing in apple orchard

    Sighting date: 2023-12-08. Submitted by: Andy Lester. Location: Moat near Longtown .  At least one showing well in old apple orchard adjacent to Livingstone Homestead, Moat.    Parking available at farm in needed.

  • Waxwings

    Sighting date: 2023-12-03. Submitted by: John France. Location: St Catherine’s School zPlaying field, Drovers Lane, Penrith.  Increased to 110 birds at 8.50am

  • Waxwings

    Sighting date: 2023-12-03. Submitted by: John France. Location: Penrith – In tree in playing field opposite St Catherine’s School on Drovers Lane.  58 birds present at 8.45am

  • Waxwings, Brampton.

    Sighting date: 2023-12-02. Submitted by: David Dixon. Location: Brampton.  32 Waxwings at least settled in trees then briefly feeding on berries and then mobile in the Tree Road, Oak Park, Tree Gardens and Edmondson Close areas of Brampton. No sign since the sighting of the flock late morning, however one mobile bird seen in the area in…

  • Ring-necked Duck – 1 female

    Sighting date: 2023-12-01. Submitted by: Pete Howard. Location: Gretna Road Pond, Longtown. 

  • Bittern sighting

    Sighting date: 2023-12-01. Submitted by: Penny Pietersen. Location: Large Siddick pond .  Bittern flying across pond at midday.

  • Brambling

    Sighting date: 2023-11-30. Submitted by: Brian Hollobone. Location: Garrigill.  Single female on a feeder in garden in Garrigill.

  • Waxwings in Penrith

    Sighting date: 2023-11-26. Submitted by: Chris Nuttall. Location: Sand Croft in Penrith.  Four Waxwings were seen in a tree near the junction of Sand Croft and Fell Lane at about 10am on Sunday. They flew off in a southerly direction. My son saw some again in the same tree on Tuesday

  • Snow Bunting on High Snockrigg

    Sighting date: 2023-11-28. Submitted by: Chris Nuttall. Location: High Snockrigg summit above Buttermere.  A flock of about eight birds landed near the summit of which I saw two on the ground and identified them as Snow Buntings. They flew off in a northerly direction after a few minutes.