Week commencing Monday 14th March 2022

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For week commencing Monday 14th March 2022

14th March

A drake Ferruginous Duck found at Brothers Water remained until 23rd April 1989 it was the second Cumbrian record and returned to winter every year until 29th March 1995, an adult Great White Egret was found on Skinburness Marsh it remained until 22nd March 2006 and was the second Cumbrian record  and a Water Pipit was seen on Biggar Bank in 2009.

15th March

The Snow Goose previously seen at Abbeytown in 2011 relocated to Raby Cote (NY15) in 2012 it was the fifth Cumbrian record, a Tundra Bean Goose was found at Anthorn in 2005 it was the fifth Cumbrian record this century, the drake Green-winged Teal that wintered in the Ravenglass area was last seen on this day in 2003, it was the seventh Cumbrian record, the wintering drake Ring-necked Duck in the Kendal area visited Cunswick Tarn in 1996 it was the 23rd Cumbrian record, an immature Rough-legged Buzzard was noted in the Gelt valley (NY55) in 2012  it was the second Cumbrian record of the decade, an adult Iceland Gull was seen near Flookburgh n 1993 it was the 38th  Cumbrian record and a first-winter Iceland Gull at Sellafield until 19th April 2000 was the 54th Cumbrian record, a Roller seen at Mungrisedale in 1953 was the sixth Cumbrian record, a Great Grey Shrike seen on Dalton Crags in 2009 was the 17th Cumbrian record since 1994 and a Shore Lark found at Haverigg in 2002 was the 22nd Cumbrian record and the 28th individual bird.

16th March

A drake Green-winged Teal at Hodbarrow until 17th March 2016 was approximately the 29th Cumbrian record, a first-winter Sabine’s Gull seen at South Walney in 1995 it was the 12th Cumbrian record, a Little Auk was noted offshore at Sellafield in 2010, a Lesser Spotted Woodpecker was seen at Wet Sleddale in 1991 and a Dartford Warbler put in a fleeting appearance at Far Arnside in 2012 this was the second Cumbrian record..

17th March

A Black-throated Diver was seen off Bowness-on-Solway in 2002, a Bittern was seen on Keekle Flashes (NY01) in 2004, a Red Kite was at Cummersdale in 1985 pre-dating the Grizedale releases, a Rough-legged Buzzard seen on Shap Fell in 1985 was the eighth Cumbrian record since 1974, a first-winter Laughing Gull was located on Standing Tarn, Dalton-in-Furness in 2012 it remained overnight and it was the third Cumbrian record, an adult Yellow-legged Gull  frequented the harbour at Whitehaven in 2013 and a Great Grey Shrike first found at Dalton Crags on 5th January 2015 was last seen there on this day in 2015.

18th March

A drake Ruddy Duck first found on Ormsgill Reservoir on 10th February 2011 was last seen on this day, a second-winter Iceland Gull found at South Walney in 1990 was the 23rd Cumbrian record, two Great Grey Shrikes were seen together at Dalton Crags (SD57N) and were seen on a further ten dates up to 6th April 2015, this was the 13th Cumbrian record of the decade.

19th March

The drake Ferruginous Duck returned to Brothers Water for its second winter period on 21st October 1989 remaining until this date in 1990, the now regular drake Ring-necked Duck wintering in the Kendal area returned to Killington Reservoir on this day remaining until 2nd April 1995, a drake Ring-necked Duck that frequented Rydal Water until 23rd March 2007 was also seen nearby on Grasmere in January, it was approximately the 32nd Cumbrian record, a first-winter Rough-legged Buzzard was seen on Byers Pike (NY65I) in 2015 it was the fifth Cumbrian record of the decade, an adult Yellow-legged Gull frequented Whitehaven harbour until 12th April 2011 a Great Grey Shrike first seen on Dalton Crags (SD57N) on 8th January 2006 was last seen on this day 2006!

20th March

The drake Ring-necked Duck seen at Cunswick Tarn on 1st January 1994 was seen there again on this  day in 1994, a Kentish Plover was seen intermittently on Sandscale Haws until 2nd April 1994 it was the third Cumbrian record, it also visited nearby North Walney in this time, Iceland Gulls were represented with a 3CY bird that frequented Whitehaven harbour until 17th April 1984, it was the 13th Cumbrian record and a first-winter bird that was seen on Campfield Marsh in 2011, this was the 66th Cumbrian record, solitary Lesser Spotted Woodpeckers were seen at Old Park Wood (SD37) in 1997 and with a tit flock on Angerton Moss (SD28) in 1999, two Crested Tits were seen at Flakebridge (NY72) in 1991 the second and most recent Cumbrian record of this usually sedentary bird.

Ronnie Irving

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