Week Commencing Monday 19th June 2023

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For week commencing Monday 19th June 2023

19th June

At least three adult Honey-buzzards were recorded in South Cumbria in 2016, a Roseate Tern found at Hodbarrow RSPB in 2020 was the ninth Cumbrian record of the century, Turtle Doves were found in the Duddon valley (SD47) in 1991 and at Pooley Bridge (NY42) in 2005 and a Rose-coloured Starling at Thursby (NY35) in 2002 was the second Cumbrian record since 1991.

20th June

A Corncrake found near Carlisle airport (NY46) remained until 7th July in 1982, an adult Whiskered Tern was found at Siddick Pond in 2007 it was the fourth Cumbrian record, a Hoopoe was seen near Ulpha (SD48) in 1993 it was the second Cumbrian record of the 1990’s and a ‘Channel’ Wagtail remained on Heversham Moss until 27th June in 2006 it was the first Cumbrian record of this hybrid.

21st June

A Spoonbill on Rockcliffe Marsh in 1998 was the 33rd Cumbrian record, a female Red-necked Phalarope on the Irt Estuary in 1982 was the 26th Cumbrian record, the Spotted Sandpiper found at Buttermere on 13th May was last seen on this date in 2017, it was the fourth Cumbrian record, Yellow-legged Gulls were represented with a third-summer bird at Sandside in 2007, and adults at South Walney until 18th July in 2007, and in Whitehaven Harbour until 29th July in 2016 these were the 21st, 22nd and 31st Cumbrian records and a Roseate Tern seen at Hodbarrow in 2000 was the 12th Cumbrian record since 1990.

22nd June

An Egyptian Goose remained at Halforth until 24th June in 2007 it was the 13th Cumbrian record since 1988, a party of four Bee-eaters remained in the Rusland valley until 24th June in 2002, they constituted the sixth Cumbrian record and were the ninth to 12th individual birds and a male Blue-headed Wagtail on Walney in 2005 was the fourth Cumbrian record this century.

23rd June

A Sooty Shearwater seen off Haverigg in 1978 was the fifth Cumbrian record and the ninth individual bird and an adult Roseate Tern seen off Foulney Island in 2012 was the sixth Cumbrian record this century.

24th June

No Records

25th June

A Cory’s Shearwater off North Walney in 1985 was the sixth Cumbrian record, a White Stork frequented Rockcliffe Marsh until 3rd August in 1981 it was  the tenth Cumbrian record, a Spoonbill was seenon Foulney Island in 2004 it was the 42nd Cumbrian record and one of the last Cumbrian Corn Buntings was singing at Millrigg Farm, Whitrigg (NY25) in 1999.

Ronnie Irving

Secretary CBC Records Panel

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